SparkFun ISP Pogo Adapter

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    Pogo pins make life so much easier when you are trying to program without having to solder a single thing, and when you attach them to an In-system programming (ISP) adapter they become instantly better, this simple kit allows you to do just that. Introducing the ISP Pogo Adapter, a simple and easy way to adapt pogo pins to a 6-pin ISP header allowing you to program an IC still without soldering a header to do so.

    We've also included a labeled SIP header row and a 6-pin molex cable for you to be able to use your Arduino (or other single-board microcontroller) as an ISP device!

    This adapter does come as a kit and assembly will be required.


    • 1x ISP Pogo Adapter PCB
    • 1x Molex Jumper 6 Wire Assembly
    • 1x JST Right Angle Connector
    • 1x Male ISP Header
    • 2x 3/8" Plastic Standoff
    • 4x 1/4" Phillips Head Screw
    • 6x Pogo Pin with Pointed Tip