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Color 24-Bit LCD 4-3in PSP Touch Screen

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    Color 24-Bit LCD 4-3in PSP Touch Screen

    Description: This is a 4-wire resistive analog touch screen. Intended to mate with the 24-Bit PSP display, this unit comes with a handy adhesive backing to stick to the PSP display. 4-wire ribbon with 1mm pitch.

    This touch screen is not intended to be hacked into an off-the-shelf Play Station Portable. It is solely meant to be a nice add-on to our 24-Bit color display.

    Hantouch part # : HT043A-NCOFD52

    Check out SparkFuns touchscreen tutorial! Please be aware that it looks like this circuit (as at 23/2/11) uses the screen out of spec (5v vs 3.3v). It works for some but could cause failures. Use as a teaching guide only.