Wind & Water Power Turbines

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    Wind & Water Power Turbines


    The Wind & Water Power Turbines convert the wind & water to the mechanical energy and then convert to electricity power. This mini Turbines outputs small power for small projects such as LED, suitable for DIY projects.
    Note that the output of the turbine is AC, Rectifiers are needed if you want to change it into DC. As we tested, the turbines can power 5 LEDs with a wind speed 20 km/h, and 10 LEDs with a wind speed 50 km/h. you can use this turbines in many applications such as below:


    • Output Voltage: 0- 10VAC
    • Rotation: CW or CCW
    • Rated Voltage: 3VAC@1000c per minute
    • Max Current: 30~50mA
    • Dimension: 15x14mm