TMC260 Stepper Motor Driver Shield For Arduino

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    This is a stepper motor driver introduced by DFRobot for those projects require powerful stepper motors, such as a pair of automatic curtains, an XY Plotter. This shield allows Arduino drive stepper motors (up to 2A per motor coil, 40V max). This stepper motor drive shied adoptes a TMC260 chip which is the first energy efficient high precision microstepping driver IC for bipolar stepper motors with integrated power MOSFETs. The unique high resolution sensorless load detection stallGuard2&;trade; is used to for the world&;rsquo;s first integrated load dependent current control feature called coolStep&;trade;. The ability to read out the load and detect an overload makes the TMC260 an optimum choice for drives where a high reliability is desired at a low cost. The new patented spreadCycle&;trade; PWM mixed decay chopper scheme ensures best zero crossing performance as well as high speed operation. The TMC260 can be driven with Step & Direction signals as well as by serial SPI&;trade; interface. Using the microPlyer&;trade; allows to operate the motor with highest 256 &;micro;Step smoothness reducing the input frequency to 16 &;micro;Steps. A full set of protection and diagnostic features makes this device very rugged. It directly drives stepper motors with up to 2A. This way it reaches highest energy efficiency and allows driving of a high motor current without cooling measures even at high environment temperatures.

    • For two-phase stepper motors
    • Arduino compatible
    • Drive Capability up to 2A motor current
    • Highest Voltage up to 40V DC
    • Standard SPI and STEP/DIR interfaces simplify communication
    • Lighest Resolution up to 256 microsteps per full step
    • Protection Diagnostics: overcurrent, short to GND,overtemperature & undervoltage
    • StallGuard2: high precision sensorless motor load detection
    • coolStep load dependent current control for energy savings up to 75%
    • microPlyer : Microstep interpolator for obtaining increased smoothness of microstepping over a STEP/DIR interface
    • SpreadCycle High-precision chopper algorithm available as an alternative to the traditional constant off-time algorithm
    • Low Power Dissipation, low RDSON & synchronous rectification
    • TMC260 Stepper Motor Driver Shield x1