Apex II TG.35 Wideband 5G/4G Dipole Terminal Antenna Hinged SMA(M)

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    The hinged Apex II TG.35 Wideband Dipole Antenna has been designed to cover all Cellular including 5G, ISM and Wi-Fi working frequencies in the 600-6000 MHz spectrum. Evolved from the already highly successful Apex TG.30, this second generation has the highest wide-band efficiency in its range of any terminal antenna on the market today. The Apex II has been primarily designed for use with 5G/4G modules and devices that require the highest possible efficiency and peak gain to deliver best in class throughput on all major cellular bands worldwide for access points, terminals and routers. High efficiency is vital for applications such as high-speed video and real-time streaming, or high capacity MIMO networks on public transportation.

    This attractive slim-line antenna is ground plane independent, meaning it does not need to be connected to the ground-plane of a device to radiate efficiently, on the other hand neither is it seriously detuned by connecting to a ground-plane, thus avoiding a problem notorious to smaller antennas. It comes with a SMA (M) connector and swivel mechanism that allows the antenna part to be rotated to fit in tight environments. The 90° hinge structure has been improved and strengthened so that the antenna in a 90° position would not fall down to 180° in vibration environment. The Apex II is backwards compatible with 3G/2G cellular applications such as HSPA, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, WI-FI and even has GPS included for Assisted GPS and/or E911 applications.

    In summary, the Apex II is the ideal solution for any device requiring high, reliable performance. It will meet most types of approval or carrier certification requirements from an efficiency standpoint. The antenna also makes an excellent reference antenna for test purposes. It has been designed as an omnidirectional antenna and the radiation patterns prove this, being stable across all bands.


    • Type: Passive Antenna
    • Minimum Frequency: 698 MHz
    • Maximum Frequency: 6 GHz
    • Protocol - WiFi - 802.11: 802.11, WLAN, WiFi, WiFi 6E
    • Protocol - Sub GHz: IoT, ISM
    • Mechanical Style: Whip
    • Style: Tilt / Swivel
    • Gain: 1.68 dBi, 2.73 dBi, 2.16 dBi, 2.14 dBi, 3.62 dBi, 3.5 dBi, 3.7 dBi, 2.8 dBi, - 0.31 dBi, 0.14 dBi, 1.02 dBi, 3.02 dBi
    • Impedance: 50 Ohms
    • Power Rating: 5 W
    • Minimum Operating Temperature: - 40 C
    • Maximum Operating Temperature: + 85 C
    • Electrical Type: Dipole
    • Number of Bands: 12 Band
    • Mounting Style: Panel Mount
    • Termination Style: Connector
    • Antenna Connector Type: SMA Male
    • Center Frequency: 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1474 MHz, 1700 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz, 2100 MHz, 2600 MHz, 3400 MHz, 3600 MHz, 4000 MHz, 5200 MHz, 5800 MHz
    • Length: 224 mm
    • Width: 58 mm
    • Height: 13 mm
    • Series: Apex II
    • Brand: Taoglas
    • Polarization: Linear