Ethernet Kit for Teensy 4.1

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    The Teensy 4.1 is one of the most advanced and reliable development platforms on the market today. One of the biggest asks for the board is the ability to connect the 4.1 to the Internet via Ethernet. Luckily, with all the parts included in this kit (as well as a little bit of soldering), you'll be able to easily add Ethernet functionality to your Teensy 4.1.

    The Ethernet Kit for Teensy 4.1 from PJRC includes an Ethernet MagJack connector, a bare circuit board, one ribbon cable, two headers, and a capacitor. As this is a kit that require assembly, some beginner-level soldering is required.

    Note: Please be aware that a Teensy 4.1 is NOT included with this kit and will need to be purchased separately.


    • 1x Ethernet MagJack
    • 1x Bare Circuit Board
    • 1x Ribbon Cable Assembly
    • 2x Header (2x3)
    • 1x Capacitor