Loomia Serpentine Bus

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    This Loomia Serpentine Bus has 0.15in traces making it compatible with the S-Curve and C-Curve buses. Use this bus for additional stretch as it has up to 20% elongation. We suggest this bus for wearable tech applications.

    Loomia parts are designed to be easily soldered together, and work well with popular micro controllers like Arduino Nano and Teensy. The system revolves around Loomia's custom interconnect, which allows for a simple connection between buses. The interconnect can be soldered to headers for easy breadboarding. From fabric to wood, Loomia components can stick onto a range of materials, making your prototypes look clean and polished.

    Note: There are a number of operating procedures to be aware of before using Loomia products. This includes directions to not wash or sew any of the parts. Make sure to check the Datasheet in the Documents tab for more information.


    • Bend Radius Limitation: N/A
    • Thickness: Approx. 10 mils
    • Max Current Per Trace: 1A
    • Dimensions: 3in x 10in
    • Resistance Per Trace: 0.4 Ohms
    • Elongation: Up to 20%