Piano HAT

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    Unlock your inner Mozart with Piano HAT, a mini musical companion for your Raspberry Pi! Play music in Python, control software synths on your Pi, and take control of hardware synthesizers!


    Pimoroni made an ever-so-thorough Python library to control Piano HAT, with a bunch of nifty examples to let you explore its functionality.

    There's a learn to play example that let's you play along as Piano HAT's LEDs show you which keys to press. In no time, you'll be a Chopin for the 21st century.

    They've included a MIDI example that lets you play music with Sunvox, Yoshimi and other software synths, a PyGame example with glorious piano and drum samples and even a true 8-bit synth written in pure Python!

    You can even make Piano HAT output regular MIDI commands via a USB to MIDI adapter and use Piano HAT as a tiny, cheap MIDI controller for your Minimoog Model D (you have one right?).

    Piano HAT Python Library


    • 16 capacitive touch pads (link each to their own Python function!)
    • 13 piano keys (a full octave)
    • Octave up/down buttons
    • Instrument cycle button (great for use with synthesizers)
    • 16 bright white LEDs (let them light automagically, or take control with Python)
    • 2x Microchip CAP1188 capacitive touch driver chips
    • Use it to control software or hardware synths over MIDI
    • Piano HAT pinout
    • Compatible with all 40-pin header Raspberry Pi models
    • Python library Comes fully assembled