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Electronics is an awesome field of science, because engineers get to play with all sorts of toys and gadgets. Not just play with them, but also customise them according to their needs. Electrical engineers can develop amazing gadgets from scratch. Thanks to advancement in science, internet revolutions, IoTs, and electrical DIY-kit makers; the enthusiast programmers and developers don’t have to create programming and debugging tools from the scratch.

So here the 3 must have tools for hardware programmers and circuit solders.

1. JTAG USB OCD Programmer/Debugger for ARMs

Dubbed as “Mother of all JTAG Programmers it is powerful 3-in-1 USB JTAG debugger that fully supports modern signaling ports and offers a built-in power supply as well. Aimed at ARMs, this compact tool comes with an extended OpenSource platform support and great features for programming and error-proofing.

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2. Tiny AVR USB Programmer

If you deal a lot with MCUs and ICs and wish there was a reliable solution to cut down time on your hardware programming. This smart Tiny AVR Programmer comes from the highly trusted MIT Media Lab, which reliably saves plenty of time and effort on your Arduino board projects. Now you don’t have to worry about jumper wires; simply jack it in and program your amazing project with this easy plug-in module.

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3. XMEGA Xprotolab

Featuring analogue inputs plus 8 digital inputs, AWG output, external triggers, PDI for programming and debugging; XMEGA Xprotolab is a miniature oscilloscope and waveform generator to get the most out of your sensors. This is a great tool if you want need to visually measure inputs like sound, radio waves, or other types of waveforms. You can change sampling rate, invert logics, turn triggers on/off and much much more!

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There you go! The 3 must have tools for hardware programmers and circuit makers. If you are looking for more cool hardware programming components, MindKits is your one-stop shop to get everything you need for prototyping your next innovation and get your DIY projects running. Feel free to navigate our extended list of programming hardware tools.

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