Earn Rewards for your Contacts

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Make an intro. Earn a fee when they buy


Love your Ultimaker?
A fan of Snapmaker?
Or perhaps the Flux laser cutters are your favourite?


Become a brand ambassador and earn 10%-15% Commission for each lead you bring to Mindkits that results in a sale*

You retain the relationship with your customer and earn revenue from a sale without having to manage stock, shipping or support. Our team of experts will support you in the sale through technical information and even manage the sale from start to finish if you wish to be hands-off entirely.

*Select brands and products only


"I brought a sale to Mindkits for an Ultimaker after hearing one of my connections was in the market for a new 3D printer. The total invoice was $10,000 which means I got $1,000. $1000, just for referring them!"


How to Get Started?

Once you are set up as a Mindkits Ambassador it's as simple as registering your leads through our website. 

The team will timestamp the lead as yours, assigning the customer to you. Give us an introduction to the lead and let us know how hands on you would like to be. 

We'll keep you updated throughout the sales process and once the deal closes and payment is made, you'll receive 10-15% of the total invoice as commission for the lead. 

Simple as that!


To find out more about the Mindkits Ambassador Program, register your interest here and we will send you out an information pack.

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