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Robots used to be fiction. We have seen them in novels, film, and just about any other media. In stories, we found robots were either glorified or vilified. For good or ill, however, they are on the rise. And great minds in Boston Dynamics have taken a huge step at this. Here’s one of their works: Atlas, the Next Generation Robot.

Atlas walks even on rough terrain. The snow is no consequence for this big guy who stands at 5’9” as it walked its way through, balancing on uneven ground. It nearly lost its footing but with the sensors it’s equipped with, Atlas managed. It carries things, puts them in place with its arms, and even manages to stand back up on its own when caused to fall by an external force. In this demonstration, Atlas was pushed from behind by a man who rammed him with a huge pipe.

This huge leap in robotics is one to be celebrated. And by the looks of it, Atlas and others who will be made in the future can and will be able to do more complex things.

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