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Ultimaker 2 Plus Sweeps Up Competition In 3D Printing

It doesn’t matter how simple or complex your designs are – the Ultimaker 2 Plus is the ULTIMATE 3D printing technology capable of realizing whatever you’re capable of imagining. It’s currently being used by hundreds of people, all of which are talking about how well it works.

The Chief Executive Officer of MindKits Tim Carr calls these printers as “year’s head of anything else” they tried.

“We stopped making printers and went to Ultimaker because they were just so far ahead," he adds.

Made from quality materials, the Ultimaker 2 Plus comes with interchangeable nozzles that basically allow you to change the size of the printer material. Whether delicate or gigantic, you’ll have the perfect nozzle for 100 percent precision.

Comments about the product are more than promising as users verify the quality of materials, the precision of the printing capacity, the excellent printing spool, and the flexibility of creating your own designs. In fact, the Ultimaker 2 Plus comes with an app that essentially lets you play with possible designs through your phone – to be tested out later if you wish.

There is a wide array of pros to be said about this unit, starting with the fact that it has an out-of-this-world feeder type. The feeder basically lets you swap whatever filament you want to use as well as choose the perfect pressure for the creation process. This not only guarantees flexibility in material but also provides for additional durability.

Apart from the basic printer, the Ultimaker 2 Plus also comes with an SD card, glue sticks, USB cable, a spool of Ultimaker Silver PLA and four different nozzle sizes. There’s also the incredibly 12-month warranty and don’t forget the lifetime expert support provided by the manufacturer.

But what exactly can the Ultimaker 2 Plus be used for? The possibilities are literally endless. The fact that the unit is formidable as well as durable, it’s not surprising that Tim Carr reveals how they’re no longer using any other printer. According to MindKit’s CEO, they’ve focused only on Ultimaker 2 because it lets them do so much more with their engineering ideas.

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