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GPS Module - Venus638FLPx-L 20Hz (14 Channel)
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"Venus638FLPx is a high performance, low cost, single chip GPS module targeting mobile consumer and cellular handset applications. It offers very low power consumption, high sensitivity, and best in class signal acquisition and time-to-first-fix performance. Venus638FLPx contains all the necessary components of a complete GPS module, includes 1.2dB cascaded system NF RF front-end, GPS baseband signal processor, 0.5ppm TCXO, 32.768kHz RTC crystal, RTC LDO regulator, and passive components. It...

Ribbon Connector - GP-2106
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"This ZIF connector mates with the 6-conductor ribbon cable for the GP-2106 GPS module. Use it to roll your own GP-2106 carrier board! Documents: Datasheet (FH34SRJ-6S-0.5SH) "