EdScratch is here!

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Meet the newest programming language for the Edison robot!

EdScratch is here!

Simple to use, fun and powerful: There's a lot to love about EdScratch

A vertical block-based language based on Scratch, EdScratch combines the ease of drag-and-drop programming with powerful functionality and versatility.
The EdScratch robot programming language is easy to learn and offers a robust platform for computer science education, ideal for students aged 10 years old and up.

Ready to get started?

Lets explore EdScratch!

Lesson plans, teacher's guide and more

Get the most out of EdScratch with our free, downloadable resources including the student set with over 95 EdScratch lesson activities and complementary teacher's guide.

Still using Version 1 robots?

As a general rule, you can use Version 1 Edison robots with EdScratch, but there are a few limitations, especially when it comes to Edison’s motor outputs.

Explore EdScratch now!

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