JTAG USB OCD Programmer/Debugger for ARM processors

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    This is the mother of all JTAG Programmers for ARMs - and it's about 1/10th the price of other programmer/debuggers with the same functionality! This programmer/debugger is the first on market three-in-one USB JTAG debugger, offering JTAG; RS232 (full modem signals supported) port; and power supply all in one compact device.

    It can be used as a power supply to ARM targets working in the voltage range of 2.0 to 5.0 V DC with three jumper selectable power supplies: 5V 9V and 12VDC. USB source current is limited with resetable fuse at 300mA, at the different output voltage the maximum current is different: 5V/200mA, 9V/100mA, 12V/70mA, note that this also depend on your USB host current capabilities, if other USB devices are attached to your computer or if the laptop is running on batteries these figures may be different and depend on your computer USB host.

    Note: This Programmer does not come with any software, in order to use it for programming and debugging you will need software that supports these functions. There are links below to several pieces of open source software that are compatible with this device.


    • ARM standard 2x10 pin JTAG connector
    • Software supported by OpenOCD (open source) debugger
    • Powers ARM targets working from 2.0 to 5.0 V DC
    • RS232 Full Modem Signals Supported
    • 20 cm (8") JTAG cable
    • 30 cm (12") power supply cable
    • 50 x 40 mm (2 x 1.6")