USB TO UART TTL (Wires) Serial Cable (PL2303HX) (Not Win10 compatible)

Item #: EL-MCP00102W
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    This USB serial cable supplies +5V at up to 500mA (USB specification limit) along with TxD and RxD sginals -- no hardware handshaking. Now you can test the serial Data with this so cheap one to replace this FT232RL one(USBSerial Adapter). It is very easy to use, you just need to plug it into the computer there will be a com found in the computer. Then you Open the serial tester to test the Serial Data. Please Notice that if you need to program the Arduino board, this module can work, you need to purchase this USBSerial Adapter.


    • Provides 4-wire, 5V TTL serial interface. Wire color coding as follows ...
      • Red: +5V
      • Green: Tx
      • White : Rx
      • Black: GND
    • Wire length: 45cm
    • Not Windows 10 compatible. Win7/Win8 work fine.

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