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Qwiic BMP388 Pressure Sensor
Price: $31.61
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Sparkfun Item #: SPX-17001 -

Bosch's BMP388 is a blazingly fast, temperature stable, pinpoint accurate barometric pressure sensor specifically suited for altitude tracking in drone applications. We thought that sounded pretty cool, so we put it on a Qwiic-compatible breakout board to make it easier to prototype with. Simply connect the Qwiic BMP388 Pressure Sensor board to your Qwiic-compatible controller, load some example Arduino code from the BMP388_DEV library, and start getting high resolution pressure data at up to...

Qwiic Keyboard Explorer
Price: $105.61
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Sparkfun Item #: SPX-16184 -

Have you ever wanted to build your own mechanical keyboard, but you don't know where to start? Maybe you're a keyboard hacker extraordinaire and you're looking for a handy development platform. Either way, we designed the Qwiic Keyboard Explorer for you. The Qwiic Keyboard Explorer is a 14-key mechanical keyboard kit based on our Qwiic Pro Micro development board. On its own, it makes a conveniently sized programmable macro pad, but we've also included plenty of prototyping space along the top...