Whybricks Allow Students to Explore Physical Science in Meaningful Ways

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If you are a fan of Microbric's Edison product range you are going to love their newest addition, Whybricks.

The Whybricks kit, paired with the free Whybricks lessons, work seamlessly to be a complete STEM teaching resource that helps educators deliver physical science concepts required in the late primary, middle school, and early high school years.

Whybricks are made for teachers!

Thoughtfully designed to support educators by providing them with an exciting tool that:

  • aligns to their physical science curriculum,
  • engages students,
  • delivers complex concepts through hands-on, minds-on investigations,
  • contains a full set of resources featuring student-centred, inquiry focused lessons,
  • is painless to implement,
  • makes one kit for each student possible with its pricing, and
  • is packed for the classroom! Each kit contains 2100 pieces (210 pieces per student).

    Complete with free teacher's guides plus student materials written at grade-appropriate reading levels and focused on topics students love, Whybricks helps make physical science education engaging and fun.

    The Whybricks kit

    Each Whybricks kit contains 2100 pieces to enable 10 students to work individually with 210 pieces each. Both the Whybricks kit and lessons are intentionally versatile to provide teachers the freedom to implement the materials however best suits their classroom’s needs. Whybricks are also compatible with other brick construction kits making it easy to further expand - how cool is that?! 

    Designed for schools, libraries, makerspaces and clubs.

    Purchase a set of Whybricks for your classroom today, your students will love them and you will too!

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