• micro:Gamepad - DFR0536
  • micro:Gamepad - DFR0536
  • micro:Gamepad - DFR0536
  • micro:Gamepad - DFR0536


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    GamePad for micro:bit V4.0 is a micro:bit gamepad with a joystick. It adopts a high-precision three-axis analog amount joystick. The combination of joystick and gamepad allows you to control Maqueen's direction and speed at the same time. Moreover, there are 7 programmable buttons, which means you can explore more interesting functions and more flexible controls.

    In the latest V4.0 product, we have put the external battery box to onboard PCB, which is more convenient to use.


    • two axes(X-Y) programmable analog joystick, which can control the direction and speed of the maqueen at the same time.
    • Up to 7 programmable keys, flexible and convenient 
    • Vibrating motor, LED output equipment
    • Acrylic protection up and down, safe to use and comfortable to handle

    What you need?
    Arcylic car chassis with 3 wheels (kit)
    L9110 Dual Channel Motor Driver Module
    micro:bits x 2
    micro:bit mate
    Double sided tape to stick the battery holder to the acrylic
    Glue gun to immobilize the back wheel
    Dupont cables


    • Power: 3V DC (2 x AAA batteries)
    • Joystick: 2 axis analog (X: P1 Y: P2) 1 axis digital (Z: P8)
    • Onboard LED and vibration motor: P12
    • Keys: A(A), B(B), C(P13), D(P14), E(P15), F(P16), Z(P8)
    • Dimension: 5.83 x 2.24inch / 148 x 57 mm


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  • GamePad for microbit x1

    Project: Micro:bit car with DFRobot gamepad


    • micro:bit Wireless Gamepad x1
    • 2x AAA Battery Holder x1
    • 3M HOOk&LOOP x1