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SparkX Power Meter - ACS37800 (Qwiic)
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Sparkfun Item #: SPX-17873 -

Need a power sensor that can sense voltage up to 60VDC and current up to 30A? This is the product for you! The Allegro MicroSystems ACS37800 power monitoring IC greatly simplifies the addition of power monitoring to many powered systems and is ideal for heavy current applications like: Monitoring the power drawn by a 3D-printer Monitoring the power drawn from a UAV battery Battery charging / conditioning Solar / photovoltaic panel power monitoring Allegro’s Hall-effect-based, galvanically...

USB Current Sensor
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Sparkfun Item #: SPX-18016 -

Do you want to be able to measure what current your board is drawing in real time? Maybe it is a board that draws short bursts of current? Or maybe you want to investigate what in-rush current your board draws? If so, this is the product for you! The TI INA290 is an ultra-precise current sense amplifier that can measure voltage drops across shunt resistors over a wide common-mode range. The INA290A1 on our board has a gain of 20 Volts per Volt and we measure the current using a 0.05 Ohm shunt...