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BMI270 Breakout
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The BMI270 from Bosch Sensortec is a highly integrated, low power IMU designed for wearable, smart clothing and AR/VR applications. Not only does the BMI270 comprise a fast and sensitive accelerometer and gyro pair, but it also contains a number of intelligent, on-chip motion-triggered interrupt features. Our Qwiic BMI270 IMU Breakout makes it easy to add this sensor to your project using our solderless Qwiic cables and compatible controllers. If you still prefer to use a breadboard, don't...

Qwiic Boost
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Qwiic Boost increases the Qwiic bus from 3.3V to 5V while still providing the target device with 3.3V I2C signals. This is a handy board for connecting technologies that still require 5V for running higher voltage mechanisms (like a DC fan) but have an internal processor running at 3.3V. We've seen this a lot with air quality sensors that use a fan to push air into a test chamber. The 5V boost circuit is rated up to 100mA with 90% efficiency. For applications where the 5V device needs 5V I2C...

Qwiic Chirp 101 Ultrasonic Rangefinder SMT
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Sparkfun Item #: SPX-17271 -

The CH101 from TDK InvenSense is a ToF (time-of-flight) ultrasonic rangefinder with a range of 4 centimeters to 1.2 meters. What sets the CH101 apart from other ultrasonic sensors that we've seen in the past is that it's capable of ranging multiple objects within its field-of-view simultaneously. This is made possible by an integrated system-on-chip that crunches the numbers and then provides digital range readings via I²C. Our Qwiic breakout provides voltage regulation and level shifting for...