2D Logo to 3D Print using Adobe Illustrator & Sketchup Pro

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In today’s post we take a look at the process of turning a 2D logo into a 3D print. The 3D print was created by PrintLab as a gift for their website designers, MadebyShape.

They were given an EPS file, which is a vector file that enables you to scale the contents to whatever size required without losing any resolution. They chose to use Adobe Illustrator and Sketchup Pro to create the STL file and this was then sliced in CURA software before heading to the 3D printer.

Printed with speed and quality

When the STL was uploaded in the slicing software, they noticed that if 3D printed at a standard speed setting of 50mm/s, each letter would take around 10 hours to 3D print - so they decided to put Innofil PRO1’s speed to the test once again.

By changing the speed setting to 150mm/s, the print time was reduced by over 40% and they were able to produce the whole set of letters in just 2 days, using 1 3D printer. It wasn’t just the print time that made the process more efficient, it was the fact that they could print 3 models in 1 day before leaving the office, as opposed to just 1. Therefore, the overall time saved worked out to be around 3 days, and the quality of Innofil3D’s PRO1 filament was just as impressive as the speed.

Andy, Founder of MadebyShape said:

“PrintLab produced some 3D letters for our studio to go on the wall. The product looks fantastic and we were very impressed that we could get hold of a large scale model of our logo in just a couple of days. Their team were great communicators and we look forward to working with them in the future”

If you want to turn your own logo into a 3D print, check out the video below, which guides you through the process of creating a 3D printable STL from an EPS file.

To see how Innofil3D’s PRO1 compares to normal PLA, check out this video -

And to learn more about PrintLab, visit www.weareprintlab.com.

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