Featured Arduino Projects With Light Sensor And Colour Sensor

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Sensors are widely used in our day-to-day life to detect events or changes in its environment and then provide a corresponding output. Besides sensors share abundant applications including manufacturing and machinery, airplanes and aerospace, cars, medicine ,robotics and so on.

To be specific, today I wanna introduce Arduino projects on light sensor and colour sensor which could be seen every here and there in scientific applications and in everyday consumer products. Nowadays you can see applications on light sensor like a garage door opener, a burglary alarm, TVs, computers and wireless phones etc.

Arduino Sunflower – an Electronic Sundancer

This project is made by Elecrow makers, and very interesting. You can also make one with these devices Cardboard, Foam board, a stick, 3 pin crowtail cable, Crowtail- Linear Potentiometer, Crowtail- Light Sensor, Crowtail- Pan- Tilt, Crowduino With ATMega 328 V1.1, Crowtail- Base Shield for Arduino. First you should do the preparation and after making the head of the device, you are supposed to install 4 light sensors and connect the sensors with cables. Then you can fix the stick to the Pan-tilt and upload the code. Next connect 4 sensors, the Potentiometer and the pan-tilt to the shield. At last just power it and try !

Arduino Light Following Robot

On this project,you are supposed to go through these steps: robot platform, light sensor platform, light sensor electronics building up, arduino connections and arduino code. Finally you are accomplished to see that the robot will respond with a left turn, right turn or forward movement according to the activated location of the light sensor. Are you interested in the project? If so, just read follows to get its tutorial. Detailed tutorials please see Arduino Light Following Robot

How to Make a Wheel Speed Detector by Using a Light Sensor

From the project, we can tell the speed of the running wheel if we know its passed time through the light sensor. You can get tutorials of this project on light sensor testing, graphic result of light values, uploading your code and getting it work. Is it an easy one? Find its tutorial below to make it ! Detailed tutorials please see How to Make a Wheel Speed Detector by Using a Light Sensor

Simple Arduino LED Color Sensor For Beginners

Projects on color sensor usually come with LED for color sensor is to detect the color of LED lights. I share this project for you from which you could get tutorials on building the circuit,making a cardboard tube to cover the sensor,coding and using it. Detailed tutorials please see Simple Arduino LED Color Sensor For Beginnersarduino-color-sensor

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