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It is said that one of the basic life skills every person should have these days is coding. It is also said that one of the problems of today is people’s short attention spans. With short attention span comes the need to create immersive educational materials. One way is games, and one such game is Code Combat.

Code Combat embarks players in a role-playing game that teaches how to code. Unlike usual RPGs (role-playing games), movement in Code Combat is not clicking and hitting shortcut keys on the keyboard but typing codes to make the character walk, attack, and accomplish objectives. At the start, the player is allowed to select which programming language to use in the adventure. There are five: Python, Java Script, Coffee Script, Clojure, and Lua. Choose one and you’re good to go.

Traditionally used to engage children in learning activities, games are now for all ages. Just like children, adults can also play games for education. Code Combat is one well-meaning game that not only provides hours of fun but also a ton of learning on a basic life skill which is coding.

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