Five Interesting,Useful,Hot Projects You Can Make At Home

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Are you a maker? Or have you had the experience of getting crazy about making something interesting and useful? I think I will get “yes” from most people who love to making/tinker. Recently, I have browsed much information for new points to write about and I found five interesting and popular projects you can make at home.

How to make a Giant BristleBot using cloth washing brush

For this project, you just need these materials like 9 volt motor, 9 volt battery and cloth washing brush. Then you can see it is just like auto vacuum to sweep the floor for your home ! It’s really useful for most lazy ones ahh.

How to make a Car – Powered Car – Very Simple

About this project, the materials are: vodka bottle, ceiling fan, glue, circular saw and a 9v battery. It is cool and maybe most makers have tried it. The light bottle with wheels and battery definitely runs fast!

How to Make a Powerful Rotary Tool at home

This project needs 9 volt motor, 9 volt battery, a plastic bottle and metal plat. Though the bottle body is light, the head of metal plat with battery is powerful enough to cut pvc pipe and metal nail in wood etc. It’s really helpful to make or handle something.

How to Make a Pencil Sharpener Machine at home

With plastic bottle, 9 volt DC gear motor and 9 volt battery, you can save your strength only if you put your pencil inside, it does the auto cutting for you. This project is really practical for students to try and get the convenience of having a pencil sharpener machine.

How to Make Electric Cannon

If you have materials like nichrome wire, AC connection copper pipe, wood sticks , 12 volt DC battery and plywood at home or junkyard, then you can try to make a funny and cool electric cannon which is also just like fireworks to play. If you have children at home or would like to show up your magic skills, it could be a nice choice. But please be careful to play.

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