Help Keep Batteries Out Of Landfill

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Ever wondered what happens to used batteries that find their way into the landfill? It's not pretty, especially with chemicals like cadmium and mercury leaching into our waterways and polluting the little blue bubble we all live upon.

So, in true Kiwi spirit, we've started MindKits Re: It's a way you can send or drop off your batteries to us and we'll recycle and dispose of the

m appropriately for you. This

means, we'll gather them up and deliver them to a disposal facility to ensure they're handled in the right way and all you need to do is get them to us by post or by swinging by HQ here in Auckland.

Any proceeds that do arise (if any) are donated to a local eco-startup which is aiming to keep batteries out of landfill.

So, the next time that flat battery is in your hand and hovering over the rubbish, think about where it'll end up in a few days and where the polluting chemicals it contains will end up in in a year.

Send them to us and we'll put them in the right place so your kids enjoy the world you enjoy today.

To Get Started:

Use the Contact Us form and let us know you're sending batteries to us
Post/Courier or hand deliver the batteries to:
MindKits Re:
25a Thomas Ave
Te Atatu Peninsula
Auckland 0610

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