NASA installs 3D Printing technology in Space Station

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NASA is gearing up to demonstrate 3D printing in zero gravity. The only 3D printer in space was reinstalled in the week of June 27, 2016 by astronaut Jeff Williams in the Microgravity Science Glove Box. The astronauts hope to continue their research on the groundbreaking technology and find various applications for it in space.

The 3D printer uses relatively low temperature plastic filament to sequentially construct parts and it was first tested in 2014. It was first used on Earth to produce certain items that will be used as controls.

The ultimate goal for such technology in space is to facilitate and sustain deep-space manned missions. The printers are being looked as a means to establish a machine shop in space. This will serve to make the space station less reliant on items and parts sent from Earth, reducing costs substantially. Such technology is more likely to make residence in space more feasible than it is now.

The objects currently being manufactured by the printer will eventually be compared to those that were produced by the same printer on Earth. The comparison will help to further research and pave a path for the perfection of this facility in space.

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* Photo - The first ever 3D Printer in Space. Photo: NASA

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