The Zombiebot Nano - Kickstarter

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The Zombiebot Nano is a snap-together, colour-coded robot (no soldering!) that anyone can build and programme using simple, drag-and-drop software. When assembled, it's designed to be an obstacle-avoiding robot in order to teach kids about sensors and control, but is capable of so much more. We teach kids how to programme the robot using a step-by-step eBook and video tutorials, but we also provide all of the finished code as well so you can get going right out of the box if you want to.

Our upgrade version (The Nano+) contains all the electronics to become not only obstacle-avoiding robot, but also line-following robot, and an Android smartphone-controlled robot. There's no soldering required: all of the parts are colour-coded and snap together so kids can build the whole thing from the ground up. Seriously- it's so easy even adults can do it!

To back the kickstarter and get yourself one of these sweet Zombiebot's click here

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