Wonderful NFC Projects to arouse your ideas

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NFC or Near Field Communication, a standard-based wireless connectivity technology, enables making transactions, exchanging digital content or connecting electronic devices with a simple touch. And it is compatible with hundreds of millions of smart phones, business cards and readers already deployed worldwide. Moreover, NFC is applied widely by quite a few areas for medical & health care and safety & security and others.

For example, for medical & health care, it could be applied to medical,chemical and biological test labs, medication identification,equipment usage tracking and pharmaceutical research tracking and so on. For safety & security, it shares applications of tool drawers,home entries,car locks and office entries etc.

NFC great applications

NFC App launching

For windows Phone 8 system, you could launch apps through three ways of Launch App tags,System apps / settings,Custom URI schemes, and for Android users, you can use Android Application Records (AAR) to launch apps while for Symbian / MeeGo users, the apps can register themselves to be launched through a specific custom record (external record type). More details please click the title.

NFC Business Cards

With NFC business cards, you could realise many possibilities. Firstly, you can make a Digital Business Card tap to quickly call, message or save contact details. Secondly Add a Website link to share your website, portfolio, online event invite and more. Thirdly, you are able to connect your social networks to expand your network with on-tap connections.

NFC Car door control

With this tutorial, you will be able to build your own NFC doors control with a Keyduino or an NFC shield and a relay shield. Please click the title to get the tutorial.

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