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Raspberry Pi Hacks
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"With more than 60 practical and creative hacks, this book helps you turn Raspberry Pi into the centerpiece of some cool electronics projects. Want to create a controller for a camera or a robot? Set up Linux distributions for media centers or PBX phone systems? That’s just the beginning of what you’ll find inside Raspberry Pi Hacks. If you’re looking to build either a software or hardware project with more computing power than Arduino alone can provide, Raspberry Pi is just...

Super-Awesome Sylvias Super-Awesome Project Book
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"Guess what?! Super-Awesome Sylvia, star of Super-Awesome Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show has a new book for young makers! It’s called, “Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Project Book: Super Simple Arduino!” The book is a fun and colorful introduction to Arduino microcontrollers and programming, written and illustrated by kid engineer Super-Awesome Sylvia. It has 3 great projects to get started on an Arduino adventure, plus lots of ideas and resources for even more...