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Heat Shrink Kit
Price: $14.35
Availability: Stocked
Sparkfun Item #: PRT-09353 -

We love heat shrink! We use it for all sorts of handy projects. Use it to reinforce connections, protect devices, and electrically isolate exposed solder joints. We worked with a manufacturer to create a kit that we would use: lots of colors, lots of sizes, nothing too long. We specially requested some of the sizes with heat sensitive glue which significantly increases stress relief and water proofing. This kit includes 95 pieces of heat shrink, all of varying colors and sizes, and comes in a...

Hot-air Rework Nozzles - Y1126
Price: $24.92
Availability: Out of Stock
Sparkfun Item #: TOL-07925 -

Hot-air rework nozzles compatible with all of our rework stations. Sold in single units by model number. Documents: Spec Sheet

Hot-air Rework Replacement Element - Temp Controlled
Price: $33.25
Availability: Out of Stock
Sparkfun Item #: TOL-11130 -

Here's a replacement heating element for our hot-air rework stations. It's compatible with Sunkko stations and our own branded rework station. The element is the same for other manufacturers and the connector can be modified by a skilled user to work with other manufacturers. This element includes a thermocouple element at the tip of the air flow with two wires to be connected to a temperature sensing circuit.