Hack My Van - How MindKits EDU became a reality

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If you've been following us on social media or receiving our newsletters, you have probably already heard about the 2017 Mercedes Benz "Hack My Van" competition.

If you somehow missed the news though, MindKits were lucky enough to enter in to this competition - AND WE WON!

The competition was open to small businesses across New Zealand and Australia. Three finalists from both countries were then invited to Melbourne to present their ideas on how they would use a Mercedes Benz Vito van to help grow their business.

The MindKits team knew the van could be an amazing opportunity to deliver STEM workshops to schools, so we set about making this a reality.

Despite losing a suitcase with the presentation material in their travels, the team pulled through and won the judges over with their enthusiasm and innovative ideas.

We're all so excited to present MindKits EDU Workshops in the coming months. Keep an eye out around Auckland for the van, and if you're interested in finding out about the workshops and what we can bring to your school take a look at the website - http://mindkits.co.nz/edu

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