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MPLAB Compatible USB PIC Programmer
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Sparkfun Item #: PGM-09671 -

This PIC programmer, from Cana Kit, is a professional USB PIC Programmer offering ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) sockets, an ICSP header, and an ICD2 port for easy PIC programming. The programmer is 100% compatible with MPLAB (PICkit 2 interface), and therefore can program practically any PIC microcontroller including the PIC16F84A, PIC16F628, PIC18F458 and PIC16F877. This PIC Programmer uses a USB port for power and connection to the computer, as opposed to the traditional serial port,...

MPLAB PICkit 4 In-Circuit Debugger
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Sparkfun Item #: PGM-15797 -

This is the PICkit 4, the official programmer from Microchip. The PICkit 4 allows debugging and programming of PICĀ®, dsPICĀ®, AVR, SAM and CEC flash microcontrollers and MPUs using the powerful graphical user interface of the MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The MPLAB PICkit 4 is connected to a PC using a high-speed 2.0 USB interface and can be connected to the target via an 8-pin Single In-Line (SIL) connector. The connector uses two device I/O pins and the reset line to...