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Pocket Geiger Radiation Sensor - Type 5
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The Type 5 Pocket Geiger Radiation Sensor from Radiation Watch is a highly sensitive radiation sensor designed for the embedded systems market. Capable of detecting Gamma and Beta radiation, this sensor has a simple pulsed output that can be used with any microcontroller. Radiation Watch has a handful of documents and example Arduino code to get you up and running. They have also written a Windows example program in C# (source included!) to output graphs to a computer using an Arduino as the...

SparkFun Geiger Counter
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"You talked, we listened, and we’ve revised our Geiger Counter board to address some of the most pressing concerns. This version features an improved voltage regulation circuit for the Geiger tube which has a much cleaner output. We’ve also modified the signal capture portion of the board so that it reads active high, allowing for more dependable counts that are less susceptible to fouling due to line capacitance. The new signal capture circuit also pushes the CPM limit to 100Hz!...