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Qwiic Power Switch
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Many of our Qwiic products draw very little current when in standby, but there are some that draw considerably more. Products like our top-end u-blox GNSS boards in particular. There are times when you wish you could switch them off to save power, and the Qwiic Power Switch (QPS) allows you to do exactly that! Based on the PCA9536 4-Bit I2C I/O expander, the QPS can completely disconnect any attached devices so you can minimize your current draw and extend your battery life when you need to....

SparkX Refrigeration Gas Sensor - ZMOD4450 (Qwiic)
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Sparkfun Item #: SPX-16677 -

The ZMOD4450 gas sensor from Renesas is a unique Refrigeration Air Quality sensor designed to measure gases emitted by food ripening or rotting: ethlyene, amines and volatile sulfur compounds. The sensor can measure Ethylene (C2H4), Trimethylamine (C3H9N) and Dimethy sulfide (C2H6S) in air with up to ±10% repeatability and with additional calibration using a known organic compound can be accurate to ±15%. With the ZMOD4450 you can finally quantify that funky smell coming from your...